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Expiration Time: 2023-03-15T07:23:50.500

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msg : Hi Ackza, I am posting a bunch of data to the Telos blockchain. This is not in memo format, and I send no token. The Telos (AntelopeIO) blockchain can handle a lot of text actually. Whenever someone updates a contract to the blockchain, these contracts are actually quite large in Bytes. Similarly, someone could just post JSON or other text to the chain via smart contract. This contract uses something I built a while back called data.scribe It has a github address: As you can see, it easily handles a lot of text. If you go check the NET usage on this account. I hardly used any NET. 0.1 NET purchases an account 4 MB of Net, and NET is a renewable resource that recharges regularly. 4 MB is a huuuuuge amount of data, that no one would use social media posting in a day, of just text. 4MB is a boatload of text!!! As you can see, I could probably keep writing and writing. An arbitrary text length limitation could be added to the data.scribe contract, but actually, the real limit has to do with the amount of time required to process a transaction and the internal limitations that exist for a given Telos transaction. Its a very high threshold because pushing contracts to chain is required. That said, not everyone is a fan of pushing large text blocks like this to the blockchain because it can be seen as spam. This is why people have proposed separating this data onto another blockchain, or inventing a decentralized storage solution for this type of text. One of the reasons is that hyperions nodes have trouble indexing things if we all were pushing transactions like this every day. At any rate, there are probably many solutions for this problem, such as what APPICS does, or what other projects have done. Sincerely, DailyTelosBP
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